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"On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, Attorney Cris S. Houston taught an information session entitled "Business Law Basics: What and Who You Need to Know" at PeopleFund's Innovation Week. The room was packed with around forty or fifty attendees. 


Attorney Houston received excellent feedback on an informative, engaging presentation designed to assist entrepreneurs with selecting the correct business forms for tax and legal purposes. Special thanks to PeopleFund for this exciting opportunity to give back to the community and support fellow entrepreneurs!"

- Attorney Cris S. Houston


"I truly enjoyed your session on Business Law Basics: What and Who You Need to Know, and the information was quite helpful. Thank you for this information, and it was great meeting you!"

- Marjorie Harris


"I met Attorney Cris Houston at PeopleFund's Innovation Week event, where she was lecturing on the topic of Business Law Basics. Her lecture was very insightful and informative. It helped me understand the basic steps that need to be taken in forming any business entity. I'll certainly count on Attorney Houston for my future business-related counseling."

- Ravi Patil


"This year I attended the PeopleFund’s Innovation Week Series and the session I gleaned the most information from was Attorney Cris S. Houston’s “Business Law Basics: What and Who You Need to Know.” Prior to attending her class, my biggest challenge was understanding the business structure that would work best for my company. Not only did she help us decipher the differences in each structure, but she also provided the basic steps for formation. I would recommend her class/expertise to any person(s) starting a business."

~ Tiffany Taylor-Hicks



"On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, Attorney Cris S. Houston visited Jones A.M.E. Praise and Worship Center to gift the community with an eye-opening, information-packed presentation on wills and estate planning entitled "Getting Your House in Order." Attorney Houston advised church members of the importance of obtaining a will, directive to physicians, powers of attorney, declaration of guardians, and other important documents while the individuals are healthy enough to declare their wishes for their care and property if they become ill in addition to the distribution of their assets when they pass on. Special thanks to Pastor Robert J. Green, Pastor Brenda Arnold Scott, and Pastor Rhonda Harmon for planning such a meaningful event for the community!

- Attorney Cris S. Houston



Attorney Cris Houston,

Thank you for coming to teach us the importance of taking care of our business. You were awesome[.] I am looking forward to working with you ... Use me and Jones A.M.E. Church as a resource in your endeavors to impact our city and community


Thanks again for your leadership and your generosity to share what God has put on the inside of you. You are very very impressive. I enjoyed listening to you and learning. I am now one of your partners. I am looking forward to working with you in the future.


Best regards,

Pastor Robert J. Green

Jones A.M.E. Praise and Worship Center, Houston, Texas


"Attorney Cris Houston is an inspiration. She has assisted me in expansion both personally and professionally. Ms. Houston has the ability to counsel without criticism, educate without ego and applaud without an agenda. She has permitted me the ability to create positive paradigm shifts in my perspective in order to progressively impact my business and life. Her executable, tactical action plans have caused me to soar to new levels of understanding. Ms. Houston is phenomenal and a force with whom to be reckoned."

- Kali Cole,

Entrepreneur-Staff Hunt LLC



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